Complement factor H genetic variant and age-related macular degeneration: effect size, modifiers, and relationship to disease subtype from meta-analysis Academic Article 2012 uri icon


  • Sofat R Casas JP Moore A Webster A Yates JRW Sepp T Cipriani V Khan JC
  • Shahid H Swaroop A Abecasis G Branham KEH Bergen AA Klaver CCW
  • Baas DC Zhang K Gibbs D Weber BHF Keilhauer CN Fritsche LG Lottery A Cree AJ Giffiths HL
  • Gorin MB Weeks DE Ferrell RE Jakobsdottir J Conley Y Rahu M Seland J Soubrane G Topouzis F
  • Tomazzoli L Young I Whittaker J Chakravarthy U de Jong PTVM
  • Smeeth L Fletcher A Hingorani AD

publication date

  • 2012